Monday, 4 November 2013


Colin here! Since last time you heard from me not much has really happened for me. It has been a hectic couple of days for Jess, but for me I have been bored out of my mind. It took 30 days of not working to send me insane..

Jess started work on Monday, I am yet to start so have been doing my best to not spend money, kill time and stay sane. Luckily on Wednesday a group of us had the day off so we decided to rent a minivan and go on a road trip to Calgary. We were all on a mission, our target destination IKEA!

I volunteered to drive as I had the most experience driving on the right hand side of the road and we were off. The company was great, by my side I had Jess (Mum) and in the back was Ollie, Dan and Bonnie (The Kids). There wasn't any real quiet moments during the drive, ohh except for the awkward silences when we made somebody feel awkward..

Once we hit IKEA we were in and out with what we needed, and many other things that we found along the way. After IKEA we had some lunch and we were on the hunt for a Thrift shop (Op Shop) so we could piece together our Halloween costumes. Everything started to go downhill from here..

Somehow we all got this idea into our head to go in drag, as old ladies and gentleman. Jess was the not so gentlemanly gentleman, and played it a bit too well for some people to feel comfortable about it. The party started in room 107 aka The Beast, all rooms in Chucktown are nicknamed after a ski run. Next move was to the Common room for the party, which would ultimately become to pre-party party.  Following the common room we were all drunk enough to walk down the road to continue this party. It gets a little hazy from there but all in all it was an amazing night to celebrate our first Halloween!

Today was nothing too crazy, Jess received an abundance of Happy Birthday messages even though its not her Canadian birthday. That comes tomorrow!

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