Friday, 22 November 2013

Hot Tub Time Machine

Hello there bloggers,

I have a lot I want to write about and have been writing a list of topics... sooooo today's blog is a little bit of a mixture from the past few days. My final say at work, before my 2 days off, I was in the worst of emotional states --- home sickness! It was like a triple wammy, my little gorgeous amazing talented sister got into the Australian Institute of Music!!! I am so proud and so so happy for her!! She also just graduated and had her formal in which she looked so incredibly stunning! My mum was telling me all about it and I just really wanted to be there. I wanted to hug my Kathy and tell her how proud I was! I then saw the celebration photos, I wanted to join in with my family having a family dinner and being close with them. Finally, my parents have decided that they can't visit me in Canada, and thats ok, I completely understand but I guess it all kinda hits home rather quickly. I miss my family a lot and even though I am really enjoying myself here, I wish I could just pop home for a few hours.

This thought festered and caused a bad, sad, annoying day of work. I was glad when it was over but it didn't stop me from having a little cry in my room. I am so very lucky to have my Colin Monster with me though! He keeps me sane and I would't know what I'd do without him. That night we watched cartoons and All Ollie Adventures next door and I was really reminded of my amazing family that I do have here with me!

On our first day off, I had a bit of a nasty stack on first tracks, packed groomed snow! It wasn't the nicest! I may have a strained muscle in my outer thigh and bruising to my lower back. Oops! So snowboarding has been out since then. Instead, Colin and I went for an amazing walk along the river and had a bit of play time in the snow!

I can't stress enough how absolutely beautiful Lake Louise is! It is almost mind blowing! The bright blue sky in contrast with the soft white snow. My favourite part of our walk was watching the teal coloured water run fluidly over rocks and suddenly become still as it washes underneath the bright crystallised ice. Although I am excited to see the rivers and lakes when they are completely frozen over, seeing it in a state of transformation blew me away.

Colin also has a fascination with kicking trees! I have to say, the moment that came in as a close second was when Colin kicked a tree, pulled me in close and we watched and felt the soft, light snowflakes pour down around us. A little corny and romantic --- I know, but its a memory that will last forever.

When we reached our apartment we baked a birthday cake for the beautiful Gill! And went for our first hot tub time machine experience. We had James, Gill, Daniel, Darcy, Sarah, Ollie, Chelsea, John, Colin and I in a giant hot tub soaking in the amazing warm water! If you are ever in the snow for a long extended period of time, this feeling is just exquisite! The heat from the hot tub is juxtaposed to the coolness of your skin. In Australian summer we would say "no the pool is too cold still", and ease into the pool slowly. It was the same but in reverse, our bodies were just not use to being that warm that fast! Note: take a bottle of water!!

 After our hot tub trip through time, we had a giant family spaggetti bolognese dinner to celebrate our gorgeous girl Gill turning 24! Happy Birthday Gill! I consider you one of my close girl friends and am so happy I will be your next door neighbour and dancing F&B colleague for the next 5 months!! Colin and I love you!!


Will be writing again very soon.

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