Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Arriving to Lake Louise

It has been a couple of days and now that we are finally settled in, I can finally write a post about whats been happening!

So the bus trip wasn't that bad! 16 hours sounds like a really long time but because it's overnight, it went super quick! We slept most of the way and I only needed to watch one movie before we crashing out again and waking up in Lake Louise!! Again... PACK LIGHTER THAN US! I can't stress this enough! We felt a bit lost and with both phones down, I walked the 5 minutes to Charleston Residence (also known as Chuck-town). I had to pull two huge suit cases behind me! So 5 minutes was more like 30 for me. When I finally arrived, I walked back to help Colin with the rest of the bags.

Our new apartment is just what we hoped for! We had 3 room mates when we arrived, Stuart, Dave and Zero. They are the nicest guys and are really tidy which makes life easier for everyone! There is this basic understanding to wash dishes straight after use, to clean messes as soon as they are made, etc. We even have a recycle box for cans, the box is taken for return and we get the tax back, so we use the money each week for communal things like dirty dishes detergent and toilet paper, etc. That's just a nice handy tip for anyone who's living in a Canadian National Park!

So far, its been pretty awesome! Colin and I are getting a small chest of draws for our room so I won't post a photo of it until we are finished making it our own - a couple more days. The weather is definitely colder, its probably hitting the negatives more and more. The other day at 4pm it was -8 degrees! Trying hard to get use to it but I love the warmth so damn much! I had orientation yesterday, it was 7 hours of absorbing information but it was fun! The National Park speakers were really engaging and funny - I actually learnt a lot about the area! I actually really enjoyed orientation, I would like to thank all the National Park Representatives who came in to speak! The video below is one they showed us about Parks Canada - I love it!!!

We also had a lot of safety talks about avalanches, kind of scared the bejeezus out of me! But over all, an awesome first day. Today was actually my second! We spent the day in our sections, mine being a food and beverage cashier. We met our amazing hilarious manager Adrian and we had a nice tour of the lodge. I am actually pretty excited to start work (believe it or not!) The managers seem so nice and comfortable with their staff, we are asked to work hard and be friendly to the guests but that doesn't mean we can't chat to each other whilst working. Also, they try to accommodate days off for couples! This was something I was really worried about because I want to spend the holiday part of my working holiday with my perfect amazing man Colin! Who wouldn't? Happy to hear I will at least get one full day with him!

We finished early today and walked back to Charleston to meet up with Chelsea and Ollie! We all went for a nice long walk to Lake Louise, which is actually quite a bit more up hill than I expected! It took an hour to get there, we were just in total awe of the amazing-ness! The aqua blue of the water is actually caused by the constant friction of the mountains crushing against each other. The dust mixes with the glacier and runs into the lake, thats what causes the great colour! So if you took a glass, it would be clear on the inside - you need the dust to make the magic happen!

We have made heaps of friends! We met Daniel back in Vancouver, he was travelling with Darcy, James and Gill. I am doing food and beverage with Dan and Gill (two awesome peoples). We then have Chelsea, Ollie and April. We hung out with these guys in Vancouver as well, had a family dinner night with them tonight - Chelsea makes an amazing soup! Have become really great fast friends with them and can't wait to hang out with them more! We also met Allen, Bonnie and a couple of others. Allen lives with us in our apartment and Bonnie is working with me in F & B! She also makes the best pastas!! Loving family dinner nights here! Last night we all had pasta and played kings -- ended up being one where we sung our national anthems outside, ran around trying to find the little green man and playing games of I have never. Definitely an awesome night to get to know and just chillax with some really awesome people!

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