Saturday, 16 November 2013

Melbourne Cup

Sorry for the delay, took a while to get the video...

It is a well known Australian tradition! "The Race that Stops the Nation!"

It stopped us in Canada! Lucky Australia is a day ahead, 5 hours behind because it was 9pm when the race started! We had time to get home from work, shower, eat and prep ourselves!

The night wasn't exactly a big one for Colin or I because Colin had training today but it didn't stop us from having some fun! We tried so hard to find a live FREE streaming of the race online but no luck. We did get the commentary online though, so we made drinking bets on which horse would place and had some fun with it. Of course, none of the Aussies won and the only Canadian in the room is owed something like 10 beers! WHAT HAPPENED MASKED MARVAL?!

We then played some horse racing card games, betting drinks -- it was a little bit more exciting than the Melbourne Cup haha! I hope it gives you a laugh.

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