Monday, 4 November 2013

Canadian Birthday!!

Jess here!

Another whole year older! The day after Halloween (forever shall be known as hangover day) was my Australian birthday! I had been receiving so many messages from family and friends back at home wishing me a happy birthday (mainly on my Facebook wall). It was great but at the same time it made me very very home sick! All I wanted was to be home, about to go to dinner at my favourite restaurant Luigi's with those I love most in this world. But I knew where I would be this year and I had to suck it up!!

When I woke on my Canadian Birthday the day started amazing, I was relaxed, made myself an awesome breakfast and oh yeah, it SNOWED! We hadn't seen it snow yet but it happened! It was snowing in Lake Louise and it was just so beautiful! It honestly didn't take me long to put on my snow pants and to go for a walk outside with my monster man Colin. I wanted to get some photos printed to put on our wall. He bought me a coffee and we began wandering down to the river. Colin distracted me by pointing at something in the distance then turned me around quickly to find a surprise party starting in the picnic area!

I was actually very surprised! Colin isn't great with surprising me, he always gives something away but I was genuinely shocked! It was awesome to see my new awesome friends (also known as my Lake Louise Family)!! They had balloons that shone bright colours in the snow. There was singing, candy and then of course we started building a snow man!

It was so lucky we had Alan our Canadian buddy to help us roll up snow properly, or the snowman would of been a massive fail! Then there was a massive snow fight! Lets just say I got back to our room soaking wet! It was so much fun and I am so so so very lucky to have such awesome friends already here with me!

There was time to chillax, bake cookies, eat nachos and then move to the common room to consume ALCOHOL! I may have treated myself to a very delicious Italian Moscato! We played pool, beer pong and there was more singing with an amazing cake made by Gill and Darcy!

Considering it was a day I was dreading due to home sickness, it turned out to be an amazing one! So a big shout out to those who really have made me feel like apart of the family and who I can't wait to spend the next 6 months with! Thank you, Colin, Scott, Alan, Chelsea, Gill, James, Darcy, Daniel, Ollie, Bonnie, Sarah and Dave! Love you guys!

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