Saturday, 16 November 2013

Natural Beauty

Since arriving in Lake Louise it has been safe to say Jess has worked more than I have. I started off with an entire week off and since the snow has not been falling in abundance we have only been running one of the lifts, and as of yesterday the Gondola also opened. It was a lesson learnt working at Ski Rider back home, don't coup yourself up inside otherwise you will go crazy, so I had to entertain myself some how.

Simple solution, I am in one of the most beautiful places on Earth, The Canadian Rockies! You could walk around for hours and still be amazed by the simplest of things. When we first arrived there wasn't any snow, not good for somebody who is here to ski or snowboard right? Wrong! The beauty of the Rockies isn't the snow covering it, more what the snow covers.

If you remember reading about Jess's birthday which we blogged about, we built a snowman. The snow fell the night before so what would we have done had there been no snow to make a snow man? We would have enjoyed the sunshine, sat by the river and embraced Spring in the Rockies! Oh and we definitely would have made one of these guys, an Inuksuk.

An Inuksuk is a stone monument, traditionally constructed by the Inuits. Most commonly depicting human form in Western interpretation they were rock forms used for marking out the terrain either for navigation or food caches. The one pictured to the left I found on the bank of the Bow River while walking around, something I would have completely missed had it been covered by snow.

Since the first snowfall we awoke to on November 2nd, we have had smaller amounts of snowfall almost daily but still not enough to open the entire mountain for us keen skiers and boarders! So rather than fight the crowds trying to pack it onto the few runs we have open, I have continued to wander around and take in mother nature and her beauty.

In the summer the village is surrounded by walking trails, not very fun though come winter when you have to walk through knee deep snow... This is where I get excited because I am keen to strap on a pair of cross-country skis and enjoy these now 'cross-country ski trails'.

The second reason I am keen to learn how to cross-country ski is because part of the Lake Louise Ski Area's property includes the Skoki Lodge. Skoki lodge is the premium back country lodge of the Rockies, so well known that when Prince William and Kate were honey-mooning they spent a couple of nights there. So if its fit for a Prince and the Future King of England I think it will do for Jess and I.

So as I conclude my post for today, I noticed it was just a load of ramble from me but I hope it was insightful and opened your eyes that we aren't just here to snowboard. We are here to experience Canada, its culture and to embrace our surroundings.
Colin out.

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