Monday, 7 October 2013

Doing The Rounds

Howdy All,
This is my first blog post, not just here but ever so bear with me. As Jess touched on in her post we have just returned from a winter at Ski Rider Hotel down in the Snowy Mountains, and as such we had a lot of catching up to do with not only our friends but the family as well. It was a lot more draining than we originally thought it would be!

It has been a non-stop week for us running around trying to spend as much time as possible with everybody and so far I think we have succeeded! Every day has been spent amongst friends, the weekend alone was a juggling act. Saturday lunch was at my sister's for joint birthday celebrations followed by dinner and ten-pin bowling with the 'group'.

Sunday followed a very similar pattern, it was my Niece's 1st birthday so it was yet again another day spent with the entire family but the weather was perfect all weekend and it was quite refreshing to spend some time in the sun. We bailed early, after all it was NRL Grand Final day. None of our teams made it that far but it was a good reason to make nachos, drink some beers and just hang with friends!

It was with great relief we received our confirmation for our accommodation at Lake Louise, once again a big thanks to Jake Gibbs from the Working Holiday Club for helping fix that up!

The countdown is on, 7 days until we leave! Jess is preparing our detailed itinerary right now and things could not be more exciting! I promise my posts will get better, it surely couldn't can't get any worse. So until next time!

Thats all from Colin and Jess.

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