Sunday, 13 October 2013


The 5 piece acrylic on canvas Colin and I made together - way to big to take to Canada!

Has anyone seen that episode of How I Met Your Mother, where Robin has "graduation goggles"?

That's kind of what we have been going through today.

Besides waking up to a hangover from yesterdays 12 hour farewell party, we started seeing everything here at home in a new light with more appreciation. The little things we hate don't seem so bad anymore and some how the sun is shining just that little bit brighter. This whole new outlook of our home town is then juxtaposed with the sadness of leaving. I am not usually this emotional but the realisation that I won't be seeing some of my closest friends or my family for approximately a year is just a tough thought.. especially with everyone crying around us!

Keep in mind, this is the first time I will be over seas for more than a few weeks. Plus starting a new job has got my nerves going.

The worst thing about this experience has been packing, making sure we have everything! I have tried to not be over girly with dresses (knowing its -30 degrees) but there's always that "just in case" thought. We also tried to figure out little nick nacks we will need from home - even harder! I wish I could bring my whole room to Canada! But alas, sacrifices must be made!!

So, here it is! The last night we will spend at home! Trying to stay up as long as possible in hopes of sleeping on the plane for most of the trip. I am definitely going to miss it here!

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