Saturday, 12 October 2013


Its almost like the end of an era. The total beginning to something new. Its both exciting and incredibly nerve racking! Especially because we know that things won't exactly be the same when we eventually return.

Today we hosted a farewell party at Camden Hotel for the three of us. I don't think I mentioned before that Colin's best friend forever, Scott, is coming with us to Lake Louise as well. So we had a triple farewell. We did it so we wouldn't be out of pocket, so both family and friends could come and so anyone one could come at any part of the day and leave at any time. A simple stop in for a drink, lunch, dinner or dancing. We had an area sectioned off for our party from 11am to 11pm. Yes, a 12 hour shindig!!

It worked out very well, we recommend it to anyone who wants to throw a farewell. We saw all the people we wanted to in the two hours and now we are exhausted!! I have to admit, I cried when I said goodbye to my best friends Anna and Ayla, not having them close by will be the hardest. I know I am going to cry tomorrow when I say goodbye to my soul mate, my kindred spirit, my big (non related) short sister, Kylie.

And yes, we did start drinking 12 hours ago as well! It got a bit difficult around 5 when we had to start slowing down so we wouldn't be kicked out before 7!! Overall, a success..

Its finally hit me that we're leaving..

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