Monday, 30 September 2013

The Warm Up

So how did we get here? What has the last 4 months held for us? What did we do to save money and pass the time smiling while waiting for our big adventure to begin?

Ghostbusters - What you want to be when you grow up!
When we had Colin's cut off date from Qantas, that's when we started applying for work in the Snowy Mountains. We figured that working a winter season in Aus would be our "Warm Up" for Canada. And so we applied for many many jobs! We both had many interviews, my first choice was Thredbo and Colin's was being a lifty for Perisher. All the resorts were having their interviews on the same week, We had Ski Rider on the Thursday, Perisher on the Saturday and Thredbo on the Monday. It turns out we only needed the one interview.
Circus - Staff of Ski Rider
We met Roxanne and Jodie in the interview. We were really lucky for the opportunity! They had a massive number of returning staff, 300 applicants and only 15 positions available! Afterwards I was feeling pretty confident for us. We were told that we should hear something in 2 weeks, BUT we had a call the next day offering us positions, accommodation and meals - the absolute best deal on the mountain!

Vegas!! - Caesar and a Show Girl
From that moment - we didn't even attempt the other positions. We knew that Ski Rider offered us the most and would benefit us the most in the long run. And it was the greatest decision we could of made!

Paintball!! - Ski Rider Staff
Our experience at Ski Rider was all we hoped for! We made a tone of friends, saved a lot of money and snowboarded. I am a beginner snowboarded but have built a real confidence about it now. We also had a lot of random fun a long the way! There were dress up parties - circus and what I want to be when I grow up, paint ball, tandem bicycle riding, horse riding, vegas party, picnics, bushwalking and a possum that likes to break into our room!
Tandem Bicycle Riding!
We had the time of our lives and last Saturday we were really sad to have to say goodbye.

Horse Riding!!
We recommend everybody to try a working holiday in Australia first! It is a great warm up for what is coming and if you're in a couple, you can see how you go living and working together. Even I had some concerns at first but now all those worries are gone and I am super excited to start our adventure over seas together!! I heard that some jobs like ones in Perisher don't really give a lot of opportunity to save, make sure you go for the best deal for you and to ALWAYS budget!

Finally, have fun with it!

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