Friday, 18 October 2013

Life in the Pod!

With Vegas in the rear view mirrors and nothing but desert in from of us we made our move to Los Angeles. I will be filling you in on what has happened since Jess signed off with us leaving Vegas.

We left the Luxor nice and early and were on the road by 6:15am, the Mustang had to be returned to Thrifty by 11:30 and we picked up our Jeep Grand Cherokee from Alamo Rentals at 12. We were gassed and ready to cruise. Hollywood here we come!

For the next two nights we were staying at the oh so funky Podshare hostel conveniently located 200yards from the Hollywood Boulevard. Quite simply put, we have a pod to ourselves which contains a queen bed, TV,  room for our luggage and a few nicknacks. Only a total of 12 people can stay at the podshare, so be social and make yourself some new friends while you are here. To sum up our experience here in a few words, "I'll be back!"

We hadn't even unpacked and we were off to Anaheim. Jess and I were both filled with excitement, tonight was to be our very first Ice Hockey game. Calgary Flames, our local team to be were versing the Anaheim Ducks. Why didn't I call them the Mighty Ducks you may ask? Well I am glad you did cause I shall teach you something abou
t them.

In 1992 the Disney Corporation released a movie called The Champions, later to be renamed The Mighty Ducks. The movie was such a success that in 1993 they founded an NHL team called the Anaheim Mighty Ducks and it was owned solely by Disney, some solid advertising there. Two sequels later and 13yrs passed and Walt Disney lost interest selling the club and it's right to be the Mighty Ducks, so the Anaheim Ducks were formed.

Now we have hat out of the way, its game time. Seated no more than 3ms from the Calgary bench next to the players entrance we were stoked! End result of the game had the Flames down 3-2 to the Ducks even though they had 12 more shots on goals than the Ducks but thats the way the cookie crumbles, we won't talk about the disallowed goal the Flames were denied. It was an amazing experience and we can't wait for our next game.

Since Sunday Jess and I have been very much sleep deprived, Sunday to Wednesday we totalled no more than 20 hours sleep so were incredibly excited when we managed 8 hours of uninterrupted blissful sleep, we would need it for today we hit Universal Studios Hollywood...

If you don't act like a V.I.P when on holiday your doing something wrong, so Jess and I would settle for no less then the V.I.P treatment from Universal Studios. Our morning started off with a Continental Breakfast in the V.I.P lounge follwed by a 2 hour behind the scenes studio tour which took us on set of Parenthood, through the costume and props building, into audio dubbing rooms and places the public don't see. This tour was followed by the Waterworld show, its entire cast were actors from various TV shows and movies.

All this sounds like hungry work doesn't it? Picture that restaurant in the movies where the guy takes the girl on a date to impress her. That was where we were today, slight difference however, it was an all you can eat gourmet buffet. And we ate all we could eat forgetting that we would be hitting the rides afterwards.

Now how often do you see a V.I.P waiting in line? You don't because they go to the front each and every time. We rode every attraction, saw every show with reserved seating and saw more of the park than everybody else, it was nothing short of perfect.
Back in Hollwood after an indescribable day we decided to take a stroll along the Walk of Fame, see the Chinese Theatre have a delicious BBQ dinner overlooking a lovely courtyard and then have a drink in a classy bar around the corner from Podshare. As much as we would love to stay, L.A and Vegas have been too heavy on our pocket and we need to run. There is so much to see and do here that two days was never going to be enough. So until next time Hollywood, CUT!!

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