Monday, 30 December 2013

A Chucktown Christmas!

Christmas has been going for weeks! There has been a marvellous Christmas tree in the Lodge of Ten Peaks, carols on repeat and constant packages arriving from home! We have seen Christmas lights all bright and shiny along Banff's streets and we have done some Christmassy shenanigans like drinking eggnog, doing Secret Santa and wrapping fake gifts to random apartments haha.

I am already missing the cheer of Christmas! We had Santa and his Elves with us for 3 days!! Colin and I both had to work on Christmas eve and day! That wasn't so fun as such but it had to be done.. Surprisingly enough, Christmas day wasn't busy at all. We got home nice and early and started drinking! Colin has already started covering some mini hams in a delicious honey maple glaze as well. We went to apartment 204 for the best dinner ever!! We had 3 chefs and one Canadian rocking out the food! We had a massive ham, duck, turkey, sauces, candy bacon, salads, breads, some amazing eggplant thing… oh my God!! This dinner was more epic and stupendous than I could of ever dreamed!

I am use to a massive family dinner down the coast with my amazing Grandmother and my dad's side of the family! It's always filled with people, love, chocolate, huge amounts of amazing food, acoustic music, wine and sun! I really really miss that! My fondest memories of Christmas is always because of the company I am with. My amazing friends, my gorgeous girls, my beautiful sisters and my ginormous family.. sorry ---- a little home sick.

So we ate! We ate amazing food by amazing people!!! I was SOOOOOO full! I filled up on really sweet and cheap cider… that was also probably the main cause of my drunkeness.. We went to the common room to play beer pong and socialise with our Lake Louise family! It was so perfect! We really had a lot of fun and had a very chilled night for our first Christmas as fiancés! I am so glad we could spend it with all the perfect friends we have made!!

Boxing day, was our day off!! And it was the perfect day for a sleep in and to see the magical ice castle together …. and then the Hobbit (AMAZING MOVIE!!).

I hope everyone out there had a very very Merry Christmas!

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