Wednesday, 8 January 2014

New Years Eve and Our Great Demise

New Years Eve

Starting work nice and early at 8am we spent a fast passed new years eve working hard. By the time I got home… I had worked until 6:10pm and was completely nackered! I was suppose to finish at 4:30pm, so initially worked 10 hours!! My first thing was to lay down and do nothing. My thoughts honestly were on bed, I had a 10am start on new years day, so partying was the furthest thing! But then Bonnie and the girls came in to say hi and not too long after I was drink drink drinking in a skirt and crop top --- getting my summer clothes out in negative weather!

We started our night off in the empty common room with a giant table playing Kings of Cups! If you have never played this before, you should!! You need a deck of cards, loads of alcohol and a spare cup in the centre of the table. Spread the cards out around the cup in a mixed like fashion. The rules we played were as followed:

Ace - Waterfall (the person to pull the card starts drinking and everyone has to drink with him until he/she stops.
2 - Two for you! Nominate two people to drink or one person to drink twice.
3 - Three for me! Drink three times!
4 - Four for Whores!! All ladies drink.
5 - I have never! Everyone holds up three fingers, we go around the table playing I have never, until the first person has all three fingers down -- they drink three times.
6 - Six for dicks! All boys drink!
7 - Seven heaven, the person who pulls this card can hold their hand up at any time and the last person to catch on and puts their hand up drinks.
8 - Pick a mate! Pick one person, every time you drink for the rest of the game - they need to as well.
9 - Bust a rhyme! Say a word and everyone needs to rhyme to it but no repeats or slow comers. Drink!
10 - Categories. Pick a specific category, go around the table saying a word that relates to the category. You have10 seconds to pick yours! Slowest, repeat or not correct needs to drink.
Jack - Make a rule!! My favourite! You can make rules around the table that everyone needs to abide to or they drink! No names, stand up and turn around before picking a card, pinky up when drinking, etc.
Queen - Question master - who ever holds this card can ask anyone a question for the whole game, if you answer it you have to drink but if you say "Fuck you Question Master" they have to drink.
King - Pour a quarter of your drink into the centre cup, the last king to be drawn, they need to drink the centre cup and the game ends.

We played this twice! It was hella awesome though! I then started going around the room chatting away to friends, dancing a little, watching beer pong and air hockey … and drinking! It was an awesome New Years Eve night! So relaxed and chilled, just a bunch of great people hanging out! I swear there was probably more than 100 people in the common room for NYE.

My main goal was to make it to midnight without passing out from exhaustion! I made it! We all ran around the room kissing each other on the cheek and welcoming in 2014!

Dave, Colin and I came back into our apartment around 1am, the boys were still up and about but I needed sleep. Colin did come to bed with me. He got up at something like 2am - I thought he was going to the bathroom - I just went back to sleep. But then I woke up to yelling in our apartment! I was in a bit of a drunken daze but from what I could tell, someone had set off a firework from the third floor balcony. If you're unaware.. its illegal in a national park!

New Years Day

In the morning I asked Colin what he remembered and if it was him who set off the firework but he unfortunately didn't remember at all. I really didn't think too much of it but I told him what I heard in the middle of the night. And that it sounded like he had set off a firework. We later heard that Colin may have been the person who did it, so he went down to housing to talk to the head of housing to find out what happened and to apologise for the mistake if it had been him.

Apparently going down was a bad idea. But what was to come was inevitable. Colin was honest in telling him that he didn't remember anything but remembered going to bed with me at 1am. The head of housing then told Colin that one of his security guards was hit by one of the fireworks that bumped off a tree. The security guard was in no way injured or hurt or even scared but because it happened, they had to write up a incident report. ----- Which made it a big deal.

The head of housing interviewed Colin about the night and told him that Dave would be interviewed and there would be a meeting about it. On a good note though, the hill was totally dead for our new years day!

Our Great Demise

It was my third week working 6 days straight plus overtime!! Busy period and all so it was expected! I was lucky enough to have Colin and Scott who picked me up from work Thursday night and drove to Banff to see Anchorman 2! Such a good funny movie! Loved the first one and the second was very much like it!

My day off was laying in bed! Friday we honestly couldn't do too much with the flu and being over worked. So it was really nice to just watch movies in bed and sleep in. Loved every second! We did get up eventually though and go iceskating with the lifties! Sarah and Michelle are amazing girls and managed to talk me into going on the ice nice and slow. I feel really amazing for that!! Silly I know! I am so unbalanced and scared of ice but Colin held my hands and got me use to it until I felt comfortable doing it on my own! I was so so so so so happy to actually get onto the ice and make magic happen by facing a fear! First time ice skating ---- amazing moments!

Everyone was talking about how angry Colin's boss was to hear about the firework. We knew something bad was coming from it.. like Colin being sent to the carpets for the rest of the season or being evicted from housing. We know people have set off fireworks before and thats the worst it got to.  And we were hoping if it was bad, that's all it would get to.

Then Colin and Dave received letters. Colin's letter asked him to go to the Head of Operations bright and early in the morning. Dave's was about the interview with the head of housing. I was nervous to see the outcome, I didn't know what to expect but since Dave hadn't been interviewed, theres no way it could have been that bad.

Oh how wrong we were! The unfortunate part of all of this is the fact that the "investigation" was open with Dave's interview not been processed yet and NO one saw Colin do it! They saw him in the kitchen moments after it had happened and blamed him. WTF! Also, the busy part of the season is over and rumour has it.. they will be looking for reasons to downsize in staff (ironically the lifts are short staffed at the moment).

Colin walked up to me while I was working and told me his position was terminated. From that moment, I honestly couldn't breath and broke down immediately! There have been moments where I had been home sick but I wasn't ready to leave yet! I love it here, its like being a big kid with a bunch of other kids, just doing what ever the hell you want and having fun!! There is no seriousness here!! I walked to my bosses office and let them know the situation. When I walked back to tell my supervisor, Gill was crying to. Radim thought someone had died! He got really sad to though when he heard.

I worked the next two days. It was really hard but we obviously needed the money. And Colin was fighting the "conviction". It was taken as far as it could, to the top of the top at Lake Louise. Our argument was that no one had seen Colin and the investigation was open and just because he was awake in his apartment and the firework was set outside our apartment, he could not be blamed for it. But in the end, they told us that even though all that is true, there was no one else to "pin it on".

Colin and I have one week here and then we are heading home.

And… I hope the funny drunken photos make the story a bit more happy!

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