Friday, 20 December 2013

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

For our staff Lake Louise Christmas Party, we had a themed party - the good, the bad and the ugly! In Aus, we don't have a white Christmas. Its all beaches, singlets and thongs for us but here its COLD! So ugly Christmas sweaters around this time is the norm. I have never really seen one except for on TV.

When I saw the party invitation, I got super excited to buy a corny Christmas sweater and was curious as to where I'd find one… it wasn't hard. One store in Banff had a stock load full of Ugly Christmas Sweaters and advertised them accordingly!! It was pretty funny. A lot of my friends couldn't justify spending $30 on an ugly sweater though (including Colin) understandably as well. So a lot of people didn't get dressed up for it. My theory was to wear a nice dress and pretty myself up so it balances out.

The night was awesome!! We caught a 5:30pm bus into the Lodge of Ten Peaks. There we received two free drink tickets and a dinner ticket. We found our circle of people and started drinking. The Starbucks was turned into a bar and the cafeteria into a buffet. We filled our plates with so much amazing food!! The chefs of Lake Louise out did themselves!! We had turkey, stuffing, 5 different types of salad (including pasta salad), rice and cranberry, cranberry sauce, gravy and then THREE DIFFERENT DESSERTS!! It was a feast fit for kings! And it was perfectly delicious! We all came out with turkey comas!

After that there was some prize giveaways and a lovely speech from the man himself - Charlie Locke. He is such a kind loving sweet person!! From then on it was drinking and socialising. We continued the party in the common room until closing, beer pong, pool, foosball and dancing was partaken in!

It was good to celebrate Christmas with our new Lake Louise family!! It was very much like most nights in the common room but I guess it was the amazing giant dinner that brought us all closer together!

Thank you to Chef, Charlie Locke, all our managers and everyone who went, for the amazing dinner and amazing memories we will hold forever!

Now to prepare for the upcoming incredibly busy weeks!!!

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