Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Lake Louise Alpine Ski World Cup

This year on the 30th of November and the 1st of December, Lake Louise hosts the Alpine Ski World Cup. It is one of our busiest and most festive times during the season.

The Alpine Ski World Cup is Canada's premiere alpine ski race. This is where the world's fastest skiers begin their journey to Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics. This event is one of the few that holds both men and women speed races. The two premier races held are the Audi FIS Ski World Cup downhill and the super-G race, these are also the races that begin the season for the athletes. 

The World Cup began the week before for us. We had all the athletes and their teams arrive, plus all our staff and more to help prepare the race course. It was unfortunate for the fresh snow on the day of the race - the snow needs to be hard and icy for maximum speed. When I say maximum speed, I mean they get up to 130 km/h! I have never even driven that fast in my life!

I would have really liked to of watched some of the race, but unfortunately it was all hands on deck in Ten Peaks. Completely understandable though! I was in Slopeside (starbucks) and was asked to make coffees from 7am, I DONT EVEN OPEN TILL 7:30! From then, it was non stop! I have never been that busy in my life, there was a constant line for 8 hours of the day and the rushing was just shocking! It did make time go very fast though, which is always a good thing. Even in our breaks, we were stretched to find a place to eat lunch and it took us 5 minutes to walk through the crowds to the other side of the lodge where usually it wouldn't take more than 15 seconds. Mel and I were also on 6 day shifts, with one day off - we opened the lodge and then did overtime and inventory!! We worked 11 and a half hours!!!!!!!! (plus side = $$$$$$)

Let's just say that when I got home, changed for the gym, I was on the cycle machine for maybe 4 minutes where I stopped, went back to my room and passed out in full gear on my bed. My feet have never been so sore! I was of course lucky to come home to my monster man who gave me a massage to help me relax.

The Sunday wasn't nearly as busy but was still packed out - more steady. The whole weekend was very festive! We had ice sculptures, a giant beaver, face painting, free pancakes! It was pretty damn awesome to be apart of. Each night the fans would clang giant cow bells in celebration, others would play instruments such as the accordion and we even had one woman yodelling. It was a lot of fun to be apart of! 
Yes that's me on the podium!!

Congratulations to the Italian team and Dominlk Paris (1st), Klaus Kroell (2nd) and Adrien Theaux (3rd)! Also a big applause to Eric Guay, Jan Hudec and Manny Osborne-Paradis who took the top spots for the Canadian Men's team, finishing 8th, 22nd and 28th respectively!

We are looking forward to the women's events this coming weekend!
Jess and Colin 

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