Friday, 10 January 2014

Six Days -- Beautiful Banff

We need to go to Banff, Lake Louise is gorgeous but there is so much more to do in Banff! Its a real tourist town and is so beautiful.

Because we had some free passes, we decided to take advantage and go for an adventure up to the Banff Hot Springs. We weren't intending to spend and hour and a half there because we wanted to ride the Banff Gondola, the day had cleared for beautiful sights at the top and I was so excited but unfortunately the Gondola is closed until the 17th of January due to maintenance. Its a little disappointing but we just had to do more with our new found adventure time!

So we swam around an empty natural hot spring pool for an hour! It was so ridiculously relaxing. There was ice around the pool as well, so we could pick large portions of ice off and rub it on our shoulders when we got too hot. I will mention that they only recommend swimming in the pools for 10 minutes due to the heat --- not for us Aussies though! We are use to it.

After feeling very relaxed with loosened shoulder muscles we ran to catch our bus back into town. We once again just walked through all the shops we loved, bought some maple syrup flavoured fudge, a Canada shirt from Roots Canada, and looked at all the beautiful art galleries that hold some amazing pieces of the native wildlife! A very relaxed day.

For lunch we went to Tony Roma's. The only reason we went there was because they claimed to make the best ribs! So we had to see if it were true, Colin and Scott both got ribs, I had the pulled pork sandwich. It was incredibly delicious and amazing! I highly recommend going there if you like ribs! They were juicy and falling off the bone! For dessert we had a 3 dessert taste tester, we chose one each -- the red velvet cake is my recommendation! But it was really strange, as we were waiting for the bill, a random man sat down with us and just starred for ages -- we were a bit freaked out -- he then snatched up the last little bit of cake and ate it in front of us before running off. It was the WEIRDEST experience EVER!!

At home we just relaxed with our friends and amped ourselves up for an awesome day of snowboarding.

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