Friday, 10 January 2014

Seven Days to Go

The end is neigh and there is something we have realised -- we got too comfortable! When you're working 6 days a week with maybe one day off, all you want to do is relax! Its been like that for the past month and now that we are no longer working and planning our trip home - the holiday is really starting all over again!

So here is the beginning!! We have 7 days! We leave next Tuesday and its time to start doing all the things we loved and want to do again and all the things we always wanted to do.. A lot to cram into a week plus packing but here we go!


Something silly but oh so much fun! If you are in Lake Louise, give it a go!! The guys will spin you hard and you just go skyrocketing down the hill and over the jumps! I honestly could not stop laughing - definitely an awesome way to end a gloomy Tuesday morning planning our trip home.

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